Tooth loss is something we never want to think about, particularly as we age. Unfortunately, dental health problems  left untreated can cause a host of problems that will only inconvenience you further. Dentures provide a long-lasting solution for tooth loss.

If you’re just starting your research on dentures, then continue reading on for some basic information on types of dentures that are available to you, as well as denture care for maintaining a healthy, happy smile.

Heroes Dentistry aims to provide a comprehensive list of services to residents of the Rio Grande Valley. We provide general dentistry services, cosmetic services, and orthodontic services close to home. If you’re considering dentures, we can help you restore your smile and teeth function. You no longer have to worry about embarrassing gaps in your mouth, speech impediments, and difficulty chewing and dietary restrictions. Along with a good dental hygiene routine, partial dentures help keep your remaining teeth healthy. #healthy #smiles Click To Tweet

Removing and Caring For Your Dentures

Always handle your dentures carefully. To ensure your dentures remain clean and free from stains, follow these easy denture care tips:

Remove and rinse your dentures after every meal. You don’t want food bits to stay lodged in your dentures. Simply run the dentures under water until all obvious food particles are removed, and then set them on a towel on flat surface if you won’t be wearing them for a while. Be careful not to drop them. Dentures are quite the investment and they can break easily. Consider washing your dentures over a washcloth or a bowl of water just in case you drop them. You can even place the dentures in a bowl or cup of water, just in case.

Brush your dentures daily. You brush your teeth daily and your dentures will need the same kind of love. Use a soft brush and non-abrasive denture cleanser to brush and soak your dentures. Focus on removing food, plaque, and other deposits that may collect throughout the day. Denture cleansers are not mouthwashes, so never ever use one in your mouth! If you use a denture adhesive and notice that it’s a little more stubborn to remove than other debris, simply clean along the grooves that fit against your gums with a soft brush. Be gentle!

Soak your dentures overnight. In order for most dentures to retain their shape, they need to remain moist. Once you’ve removed them and cleaned them thoroughly, leave them in water or a denture-safe solution overnight. Each set of dentures is different, so refer to your dentist or the manufacturer for the best instructions on cleaning and soaking your dentures. When you’re ready to put them back into your mouth, give your dentures a rinse first. Denture solutions may contain harmful chemicals that can cause vomiting, chemical burns, or pain if swallowed.

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Your dentures will need to be examined and professionally cleaned once in awhile. Poorly fitted dentures can cause irritation and mouth sores, leading to an infection. You can avoid this by keeping up with your regularly scheduled dental visits. Our dentists can help your coordinate checkups to maintain the integrity of your dentures. We’ll help ensure your dentures continue to fit your mouth properly to avoid slips and discomfort while you wear them.

Whether you’re considering dentures or are enjoying their benefits already, Heroes Dentistry is here for all your dental needs.

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