Join Heroes Dental on August 26th as we celebrate Women’s Equality Day. This holiday we honor the women in our lives as well as celebrate those who have made an impact on our nation’s history.

It’s also the perfect time to remember how important their wellbeing and health is. While it may seem insignificant to some, good oral health can help to protect the women that we love and help them to prosper and continue making the world a better place.

Your McAllen family dentists at Heroes Dental want to help guide you and your loved ones through each period of life to ensure consistent health and vibrant smiles. Regular visits to the dentist are especially important for women, as they experience a variety of transitions due to hormone changes as they age.

Please consider the following information.

The Stages of a Woman’s Life and Oral Health

Oral health affects the quality of life for both women and men. But in certain instances, it can be especially impactful on a woman’s overall health, especially during the following stages.


The transition from childhood to teenage maturity comes with an influx of hormones and changes to a woman’s bodies. During these years, menstruation can cause gum tenderness and mouth sores. Bleeding gums sensitive to touch may be a sign of periodontal disease.

As the body matures, some individuals may begin taking oral contraceptives. These contraceptives contain estrogen and progesterone that can cause oral sensitivity. Gingivitis, or bleeding gums, can also occur with long-term use of oral contraceptives. Practice good oral hygiene and make regular visits to the dentist to reduce the risk of oral disease and tooth decay.


According to the American College of Obstetricians, almost half of all pregnant women deal with periodontal disease. It is important that you seek dental care while pregnant to protect your health as well as the baby’s.

During pregnancy, hormones may cause inflammation of the gums. Plaque build-up on sensitive gums may result in gum disease if not treated. Large, non-cancerous bumps called pregnancy tumors may occur when the gums are very irritated.

Visit your dentist at least once during pregnancy and practice good oral health to minimize the risk of painful gingivitis. Pregnant women should brush teeth twice a day, floss, and rinse with salt water, especially after morning sickness to prevent acidic tooth erosion.


In the later stages of life, a woman can experience shifts in their body including reduced hormones and salivary flow. During these years it is also common for women to take medicines to treat other conditions.

All of these factors can result in oral sensitivities such as dry mouth, inflamed gums, and altered taste buds. It can be an uncomfortable experience, especially when symptoms are left untreated.

Continue to see your dentist regularly for advice on how to treat your symptoms and keep up with your oral hygiene routine so that you have strong functioning teeth and healthy gums for life.

Other Factors

Smoking may put you at risk of gum disease and other bodily conditions. Medications and diet pills can alter saliva production causing gum sensitivity and periodontal disease. It is important to be cautious of what you put into your body as it may put you at risk of infected gums and eroded tooth enamel.

Essential Tips for Proper Oral Hygiene for Life

  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and after meals when possible
  • Floss daily to remove food particles and prevent plaque build-up
  • Rinse with salt water or antiseptic wash to remove bacteria
  • Eat nutritious, water-dense foods such as fruits and veggies to increase salivary flow
  • Visit the dentist regularly and especially during transitions of life such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause

Strong women deserve strong beautiful teeth throughout all stages of life. Schedule your regular check-up at Heroes Dental for superior dental care. Contact us at any of our McAllen, Pharr, Edinburg, Laredo, Mission, or San Juan locations to schedule your consultation today.

We’d also like to wish all the strong women throughout South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley an amazing Women’s Equality Day.

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