Cosmetic Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you, so it’s important to maintain a bright and fresh set of pearly whites. A brighter smile gives the impression of youth, happiness, and health. If you’re looking to whiten your teeth in Texas, visit our Heroes Cosmetic Dentistry office today! Teeth whitening is such a simple, economic option to greatly enhance your smile.

Causes of Discolored Teeth

Several factors and conditions can contribute to a discolored smile. Oftentimes, it can be attributed to antibiotics, foods & drinks such as coffee and tea, smoking, genetics, tooth decay and simply aging.


Two main solutions for teeth whitening are in office and at home kits to help achieve a whiter smile.


Professional Teeth Whitening

The best option for teeth whitening is to have it professionally done because a stronger whitening solution can be applied at a dental office. We take every step to ensure the rest of your mouth remains untouched by the solution. This is especially important for your gums, because they are sensitive and can easily become irritated by whitening solutions. We aim to make tooth whitening as pain free of a process as possible. Your teeth will become brighter in a single office visit. The entire process is much faster and efficient than at home methods.

Additionally, our cosmetic dentists are trained to help you combat tooth sensitivity after you are finished with your treatment. If you maintain your smile properly, your teeth can remain white for years to come.


Do It Yourself Kits

Do it yourself kits are easily accessible and inexpensive. However, they still remain second to professional whitening because oftentimes, the trays that come with at home whitening kits do not fit properly, and cause the whitening agent to spill over the sides and leak into the patient’s mouth. This can be very painful for their gums and other sensitive areas of the mouth. This also means that less of the solution is ending up on your teeth, where it should be, and makes for a less effective treatment altogether!

These at home treatments are also very harsh and can cause severe pain for sensitive teeth.

Give our office a call today to learn all about our whitening solutions. Let’s work together to create and maintain a healthy, bright smile.