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It’s Never Too Late for Adult Braces

It’s Never Too Late for Adult Braces
Now more than ever, adults can take advantage of modern dentistry to achieve a perfect smile. In fact, adult braces are a trending orthodontic treatment to achieve a pearly white smile.

If your dream is to have brighter, straighter teeth, don’t be turned off by the idea of adult braces. You may think the time for fixing your crooked or crowded teeth has come and gone, but you’re wrong.

Whether you are unhappy with your smile or suffering from a poor bite causing wear and tear on your teeth, Heroes Dental has the solution for you.

Debunking A Myth

A common misconception many people have regarding orthodontic treatment is that braces are not as effective on adult teeth.

The belief is that an adult’s teeth will not move as easily as a child’s or teenager’s. While it is true that younger children and teens have much more pliable bodies, this factor does not in any way change the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment for adults. Length of treatment, however, may be affected.

Take the following example:

An adult and teenager have similar crowding issues. The length of treatment for the adult may be 22 months while the adolescent will only need to wear braces for 18 months. Both patients will have achieved the desired outcome – just at different time frames.

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The Case For Adult Braces

Adults tend to be more responsible and compliant to rules regarding their orthodontic treatment.

Because significant changes need to be made your dental hygiene routine when wearing braces, younger individuals may forget or feel lazy about properly caring for braces. Adults, on the other hand, have a better understanding of the financial investment that is involved with braces.

The decision to get braces as an adult is also a very intentional move. As an adult, you are more likely to do exactly what it takes to achieve the best results from your treatment.

An adult will invest plenty of time and effort to ensure they are receiving the best treatment for their budget and lifestyle.

The types of braces available to adults at Heroes Dental are:

Metal Braces

Years ago, wearing braces meant dealing with the inconveniences of bulky and unsightly metal bands. Today, metal braces are less intimidating.

Now, metal brackets are made of a high-grade stainless steel, which are cemented to the front of each tooth and connected by a single wire across the bottom and top.

Metal braces may not be visually appealing for most adults but they are a heavy-duty and less expensive treatment option for achieving straighter teeth.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are much like traditional metal braces except these are made of a transparent ceramic material.

This means the individual brackets are less visible to the outside world. While they are slightly more expensive, clear braces are a common alternative to metal braces.

Adults can opt for clear, pearl, or white-colored elastic bands (ligatures) to enjoy a fully concealed look.

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Treatment times for any of these options will vary depending on your individual dental needs.

Whether you are looking for traditional or clear braces, Heroes Dental will help develop the perfect orthodontic treatment plan for you.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Adult Braces

Braces are now cheaper and better-looking. If you never got braces as a teenager simply because it didn’t fit into the family budget, now is the time to take advantage.

Whether you opt for the more budget-friendly metal braces or you go for the inconspicuous clear braces, advances in modern dentistry and orthodontics have made each and every treatment option an appealing, comfortable, and cost-effective choice.

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Braces can help you avoid dental problems and other health issues.A misaligned bite and crooked, crowded teeth can lead to dental problems and overall health issues over time. Because people are living much longer, the resulting problems of poor dental care can become cumbersome before you know it.

Have you noticed that you are not chewing food properly, are unintentionally biting your cheek, or are you feeling jaw pain and having headaches often? These are all tell-tale signs that the state of your dental health may not be ideal.

Teeth can shift at any age. You may have had perfectly straight teeth in your childhood but there is no guarantee that your teeth will remain completely upright throughout adulthood.

If you have noticed some crowding lately, don’t be alarmed. Healthy teeth can move at any age, even after orthodontic treatment. You may simply be facing natural changes to your mouth and jaw.

Invest in your health and happiness with orthodontic treatment from Heroes Dental.  

Adult braces are truly an investment for better health and happiness. Now that braces have the potential to be more convenient, comfortable, and virtually invisible for your lifestyle, there is nothing holding you back from a perfect smile.

Schedule an appointment today at one of our Rio Grande Valley locations in Laredo, Mission, San Juan, Pharr, or Edinburg.

At Heroes Dental, we will take aesthetic, cost of treatment, and lifestyle preferences into consideration when deciding on the best orthodontic treatment option for you.

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Summer is the perfect time for braces!

Summer is the perfect time for braces!

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give Heroes Dental a call and book an appointment to consult with our highly skilled orthodontists about the right orthodontic plan for you.

If your dentist has previously recommended you or your teenager orthodontic treatment, it’s important to take action on the matter fast! If you put off orthodontic care for too long, your dental problems can worsen, and summer is the ideal time to begin treatment for a great number of reasons.

Do you need braces?

We have all heard the rumor that braces hurt, right?

The pain is unbearable, the headaches are insane, the horrible selfies with food stuck in the wires, and the static your smile causes when you listen to the radio is so embarrassing.

Well, maybe some of those aren’t true, but we’ve definitely heard the rumors.

It’s understood that everyone has a very different tolerance to pain, but we’re no longer in the 19th century. While it’s normal for most patients to experience discomfort for up to four days to a week, orthodontists no longer use heavy and unattractive metal braces that require lots of tightening and cause constant pain.

Today’s treatments involve light and easy to apply comfortable wires.

Why should I take action this summer?

Summer is the time of the year when both parents and their kids have extra time on their hands. It’s when the whole family takes a much-needed break from homework, projects, practices, games, competitions and the general rushing around that goes on during a school day.

During the first months of orthodontic treatment, braces often require visits to your dentist for the tightening of the wires. Meaning that summertime is perfect as your kids won’t need to miss any school and booking appointments with your orthodontist with be so much easier and convenient for you.

Braces take some time to get accustomed to and during the summer you’re less likely to experience distractions because of it. Summer break generally last for about three months which offers just the right amount of time to adjust to your new braces before the new school year starts.

Taking time to adjust is important since we know it can always be uncomfortable if we think our appearance has changed and it may often feel that way when someone gets braces.

Braces will also require that you change your dental hygiene routine and adopt new ways to clean your pearly whites. You’ll likely be recommended to brush your teeth more often and power brushes are often ideal for any patient.

Ask the orthodontists at Dental Heroes for their best recommendation on power brushes!   

Most electric powered toothbrushes run for 2 minutes, making it easier to be consistent with your dental hygiene routine, and let’s be honest, power toothbrushes are just awesome! It’s also a good idea to carry a small travel sized toothbrush with you often, which can make it much more comfortable and convenient to go out and eat at your favorite places.

Let’s not forget the perks!

On average, orthodontic treatments lasts between 6 to 24 months, meaning your braces can also be removed during the summer vacation a year or two down the road. It’s perfect before going back to work after summer break or before starting a new school year!

A favorite perk though are the frozen treats!  

You can enjoy as many frozen treats as you’d like as they help to numb the teeth, delivering quick relief to any discomfort, and even help to treat swollen gums.

We all know how summertime in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas begs for ice cream, frozen popsicles, and flavored snowcones.

We encourage you to begin your orthodontic treatment this summer, and who better to consult with than the great team of orthodontists at Heroes Dental.

We are conveniently located throughout the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas with locations in Laredo, Mission, San Juan, Pharr, and Edinburg – all offering the best of general dentistry and orthodontic care.
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How much pain is normal and when should I call my orthodontist?

As previously mentioned in these FAQs, a bit of discomfort is to be expected, but it shouldn’t be a continually gnawing pain that prevents you from opening or closing your mouth.

Call your orthodontist if pain persist even after taking some ibuprofen, and if you feel any major discomfort from loose brackets, distorted wires, or wires that are poking the inside of your cheeks. If an orthodontic appliance is making it hard for you to breathe, call your dentist immediately for a dental emergency.


How can I make my child feel better about having braces?

It’s important to remind your child that having braces is only a temporary process that will give them a beautiful smile for a lifetime. If possible, start the orthodontic treatment as early as possible. Most kids are more comfortable wearing braces during their middle school years, when a lot of children are more likely to have them, than in high school. If you really want to drive it home that braces are a norm and nothing to be ashamed about, consider Googling famous actors and musicians who wore braces.

Ultimately, just help your kid to realize that braces are a common occurrence, work in a “quick” process, and will benefit them for a lifetime.


What happens if I do not clean my braces properly?

Failing to clean your braces can lead to some major issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and other serious health problem. Short-term effects include stains and bad breath. Poor care can also increase the duration of your treatment, and if the situation is bad enough, the orthodontist may have to stop treatment until the teeth and gums are healthy enough.